Monday, July 4, 2011

Orange Diaper Company

Orange you glad I didn't make a joke? Wait, I just did.

Let me begin by saying I am a fitted fanatic!  I use fitteds as much as possible, overnight, out of the house, playtime, daytime, anytime.  Coverless is my first choice when it comes to them to display all their cuteness.

When I first started cloth diapering, I, like many others, thought what is the point of paying more than a pocket diaper for a pretty little fitted that you have to slap a cover over?  It made no sense to me.  There IS a good reason! In fact, there are a multitude of reasons.

In comparison to pocket diapers, or AIO's (All in Ones) the entire diaper is absorbent, not just the middle core, which makes these a PERFECT diaper for side-sleepers, belly sleepers, or even non-sleepers for overnight use when paired with a wool cover.  For extra heavy wetters, simply wrap a PUL cover around the fitted, and place the wool cover over that.  No more stuffing layer upon layer into pockets!

Fitted diapers also offer extreme breathability.  Without PUL, there is constant air movement.  Great for little ones with sensitive skin, summer days, or any other time little bums want to breath.  If you want a touch more water resistantness to these fitteds, simply cut a piece of fleece to lay under the double layer OBV soaker. (For true water  proofing, a cover is needed.)

With Organic Bamboo Velour,  diapers get more and more absorbent with washing (6 washes and dries are recommended to reach full absorbency), and can be used coverless for  up to 2-4 hours, depending on the how often/ much your little one pees.  I use mine for naps without covers, and will go out on quick errands coverless:)  They are a great way to show off cute fluffy bums, and huge conversation starters! 

Let's look at this pretty diaper from Orange Diaper Company.

Constructed of organic bamboo velour, knit fabrics (as well as a fold down rise for the itty babies) Offered in a variety of fabrics, patterns, choices, and snapped or snapless.   These diapers have seemingly endless customization options.   Not to mention endless fluffy cuteness!

This was selected from their in stock one-size fitted diapers.   What does this mean?  This means that for some people who are indecisive, (which I think I may be... not too sure yet) or want their fluff the second they click BUY NOW,  Orange Diaper Company has made the buying easy.  These are ready to ship, what you see is what you get, and will ship to you within 24 hours!  Best of all, they have FREE US Shipping! (Only $6 to ship unlimited diapers to Canada)

Orange Diaper Company has also taken into consideration that maybe you might want a different color snap, or even snap in soaker than what they offer, so they have created custom fitted diapers as well.  These take a little longer to reach you (on average 2-4 weeks) but will be a unique diaper designed by YOU for your baby!   You pick snapped, or snapless, and bamboo color to match the print you select, as well as the color of snaps.    If this still does not suit your fancy, they even offer SYOF (send your own fabric) customs.

On to the features of the Orange Company Diaper.

One size, to fit from about 8 lbs to 35 lbs, more if you use hip snap covers
Curved snap lines for excellent fit

Plenty of room to grow on my 28 lb 2 year old

Foldable rise for a perfectly small fit

Folded rise on my 15 lb 8 month old

I can't say very often that I buy more of what I have reviewed, but this one, I bought more, and I am planning on buying lots more.  If you are local to them, you are even able to go in and select from all their in-stock fabrics and design your own custom fitted there!