Monday, July 4, 2011

Orange Diaper Company

Orange you glad I didn't make a joke? Wait, I just did.

Let me begin by saying I am a fitted fanatic!  I use fitteds as much as possible, overnight, out of the house, playtime, daytime, anytime.  Coverless is my first choice when it comes to them to display all their cuteness.

When I first started cloth diapering, I, like many others, thought what is the point of paying more than a pocket diaper for a pretty little fitted that you have to slap a cover over?  It made no sense to me.  There IS a good reason! In fact, there are a multitude of reasons.

In comparison to pocket diapers, or AIO's (All in Ones) the entire diaper is absorbent, not just the middle core, which makes these a PERFECT diaper for side-sleepers, belly sleepers, or even non-sleepers for overnight use when paired with a wool cover.  For extra heavy wetters, simply wrap a PUL cover around the fitted, and place the wool cover over that.  No more stuffing layer upon layer into pockets!

Fitted diapers also offer extreme breathability.  Without PUL, there is constant air movement.  Great for little ones with sensitive skin, summer days, or any other time little bums want to breath.  If you want a touch more water resistantness to these fitteds, simply cut a piece of fleece to lay under the double layer OBV soaker. (For true water  proofing, a cover is needed.)

With Organic Bamboo Velour,  diapers get more and more absorbent with washing (6 washes and dries are recommended to reach full absorbency), and can be used coverless for  up to 2-4 hours, depending on the how often/ much your little one pees.  I use mine for naps without covers, and will go out on quick errands coverless:)  They are a great way to show off cute fluffy bums, and huge conversation starters! 

Let's look at this pretty diaper from Orange Diaper Company.

Constructed of organic bamboo velour, knit fabrics (as well as a fold down rise for the itty babies) Offered in a variety of fabrics, patterns, choices, and snapped or snapless.   These diapers have seemingly endless customization options.   Not to mention endless fluffy cuteness!

This was selected from their in stock one-size fitted diapers.   What does this mean?  This means that for some people who are indecisive, (which I think I may be... not too sure yet) or want their fluff the second they click BUY NOW,  Orange Diaper Company has made the buying easy.  These are ready to ship, what you see is what you get, and will ship to you within 24 hours!  Best of all, they have FREE US Shipping! (Only $6 to ship unlimited diapers to Canada)

Orange Diaper Company has also taken into consideration that maybe you might want a different color snap, or even snap in soaker than what they offer, so they have created custom fitted diapers as well.  These take a little longer to reach you (on average 2-4 weeks) but will be a unique diaper designed by YOU for your baby!   You pick snapped, or snapless, and bamboo color to match the print you select, as well as the color of snaps.    If this still does not suit your fancy, they even offer SYOF (send your own fabric) customs.

On to the features of the Orange Company Diaper.

One size, to fit from about 8 lbs to 35 lbs, more if you use hip snap covers
Curved snap lines for excellent fit

Plenty of room to grow on my 28 lb 2 year old

Foldable rise for a perfectly small fit

Folded rise on my 15 lb 8 month old

I can't say very often that I buy more of what I have reviewed, but this one, I bought more, and I am planning on buying lots more.  If you are local to them, you are even able to go in and select from all their in-stock fabrics and design your own custom fitted there!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Boobear Boutique Tutu giveaway!!

Does it get any better than Fluff and Tutu's?

Madison is the ultimate "girly girl" so when I was given the opportunity to sample a Boobear Boutique custom Tutu, I had to get one for my princess!
I think every little girl needs one of these!   Perfectly frilly, perfectly dainty, perfectly punky!
tied onto matching pink tulle ribbon
When I picked my tutu, I was expecting to have to wait a typical custom  time frame (4-6 weeks) to my surprise, Sarah had the tutu done and shipped in less than 1 week!  Topping that with excellent communication each step of the way, and pictures showing me what my custom creation looked like!   I could not wait to get it!   

I say that little things make the difference.  On top of this sweet pair of tutu's, she included hand written thank you cards in my packages.  If I had half the mind to think of stuff like that!  

I was given Maddi's tutu for review, and I must say, for her age, it is perfect, construction, length, and attitude!  My little girl will be 2 next week, and we all know toddlers are rough on everything.  This was taken into consideration when the tutu was constructed.   Using tulle ribbon as a foundation gave it enough strength to keep it together through trips, falls, pulls, fits, wearing to playdates, and everywhere else she insisted on wearing her tutu!  From the first time she got it on, she spent at least 2 hours in it until we finally had to take it off for bath time.
I also liked that the tutu is adjustable.  I was able to spread the tulle out on the ribbon to make a less full tutu that fit on my 8 year old daughter. Just scrunch it down to fit back.  Even my boys (they would not let me post pictures of them) got in on dancing around in them!

When Maddi got her tutu, I could not let my little Abby go without! I bought her this purple one. Hers came out super delicate (but still yummy enough to eat) For the daintier babies, Boobear Boutique offers soft crotchet waistbands that are super stretchy. After leaving it on Abby for about an hour for her to  wriggle around the room in, there were zero red marks, zero irritation on her!  It stood up to her gumming and chewing on the tulle, and all  that pulling did not disfigure the shape at. all.

Tied on a soft crotchet waistband

So you say you want one of these for your own?

You can take advantage of the extreme discounts offered on the Boobear Boutique facebook page.

Sarah at Boobear Boutique has decided to give away a custom tutu to one of my lovely readers!  Enter below for your chance to win a sweet custom Tutu!  Winner will be drawn on July 1st at 8 pm EST :)

This giveaway is in no way sponsored by Facebook.
It is always nice to thank the sponsor!

Monday, June 6, 2011

An AppleCheeks a Day

I drooled over AppleCheeks for the longest time.

I stalked Happy Cottontails for the longest time.

When happy Cottontails offered AppleCheeks for review, I jumped!
I was sent an Applecheeks little bundle in Raspberry Sorbet size 2 with a sample of Rockin Green detergent.  As if being selected to review these fab diapers was not awesome enough, she threw in more goodies!   I love the service Happy Cottontails provides!!  

The whole time I heard about AppleCheeks, I thought what's the rage about with them?  Why are they so awesome?  I will tell you why!

 2 size diapering system.   An awesome way to get a great, longer lasting fit on both sides of the chart!  AppleCheeks sizes are Size One, 7-20 lbs, Size 2 18-40 lbs.  

Cute!   I am bored with the plain look of regular pockets.  AppleCheeks thought to spiffy them up a touch with serging.  (I love serging!) It provides a cute little ruffle to finish off the fluffyness of cloth! I can't wait to see all the prints they are coming out with!
Size 2 on my 16 lb daughter.
Outside of the weight range for the diaper, but still a good fit!

Versatile!  Let's face it, as moms, we are BUSY!  We need something that is flexible enough to meld with our lifestyles.  This is it!  I admit, I don't always get my diapers sorted and folded after each wash.  I have even gone so far as 4 loads piled up (washed and dried that is) before I even get a chance to sit down to sort, let alone stuff them!  AppleCheeks is an All in Two, meaning, when I have en extra 5 minutes to stuff a few diapers, it can be used as a pocket, with anything inserted into it, microfiber, prefolds, or, the super soft bamboo insert it came with.  When I am running late and diapering out of my laundry basket, dryer, or off the clothesline (I'm a busy mama!) I can lay the bamboo insert right on top of the shell and use it as a cover!  If you have a few extra bamboo inserts (sold separately here) or even prefolds, the same cover can be used all day long!

One bundle a day can keep your little one diapered.
Use the shell as a cover and just change the insert.
I have recently become a  lover (obsessed) with bamboo. This insert does not disappoint!  Silky soft, squishy double layered bamboo can be tri-folded to create 6 layers of absorbency for the diaper.  6 layers of bamboo equals about 5 daytime hours of diaper for my supersoaker daughter with no leaks!  I put this dipe on her after her morning wake up. When she had an epic fit, she was placed in her crib where she fell asleep for 3 more hours.  No leaks :)  

Same diaper on my almost 2 year old 29 lb girl.  Excellent fit within the size chart with room to grow!

Another thing I love about AppleCheeks is the HUGE opening for stuffing.  I can even give it to hubby to stuff and he has no problems!  There is enough room in here to put 2 of the bamboo inserts for overnight, or long trips and still have room for more! I was able to stuff (with room to spare in fit and pocket opening) the double layer bamboo insert, tri-folded,  and a WAHM bamboo hemp 6 layer prefold, tri-folded again, for 24 layers of organic natural fiber absorption.  Which, by the way, is my new night time solution for my super heavy wetting daughter.

What's that you say?  You want one of these for your own? Happy Cottontails has generously decided to give away an awesome AppleCheeks Little Bundle to one of my lovely readers!
Winner will be drawn June 15th and notified by email :)  you must claim within 24 hours!

Helpful links:

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mama Mia

Men, avert your eyes, We are going to talk about glitter, rainbows and unicorns!

Are they gone?  Good.

Have a happy period.  Really?

I would describe my period as anything but happy!  A cruel joke played on us women from mother nature striking at the worst possible moment conceivable.
Until now.

I have to admit, when I first learned about the MiaCup and menstrual cups, heck, mama cloth in general, I repulsed.  I could handle touching poopy diapers, bedsheets at 2 am with kids vomit, litterboxes, science projects in the fridge that blinked at me...  You get the idea.  Ask me to touch my own bodily fluids, EEW, No Way!  Eventually I broke and tried mama cloth.  Wonderful.  I still was not ready for a cup, or natural tampons. I broke, again.

When I was selected to review a MiaCup, I was ecstatic.  When I finally received it (shipping from South America takes just about 2 weeks) I was TERRIFIED!!!  Then I remembered the "learning curve".

I had read review after review that made it seem like I was in for a scene out of Carrie. I decided to go for a test drive, before I actually needed it. I can honestly say I have never, nor would I ever have considered "test driving" a tampon.

Safely locked behind two doors, I pulled out the MiaCup, washed it off and went to work.

Try one. Fail
I removed and rinsed the cup
Try two. Fail
I removed it and rinsed it again.
Read the directions.
Try three. Fail
Removed, rinsed.
FOLLOWED directions, success!!

Now, everybody says you cannot "feel" the cup.  During my test run, I was able to, while it was in place.  Granted, it was not discomfort, it was just a feeling of presence, barely.  I presume it is because I was not actually cycling, and I have a tilted uterus, making my cervix sit a little low.

I left it in place all day long.
That night I washed it and put it away.
I repeated the test drive a few more times before I actually needed the cup.  I felt ready for it.

(I found it was easier to insert the cup sitting on the toilet.  Squatting on the floor was a little difficult to me.)

Day one, I could not keep my mind off checking the cup, I checked it about 5 hours into the day.  It was working, no leaks.  I was happy.
Day two, My cycle went SUPER HEAVY.  I did have to empty the cup every couple hours, as it was full.  However, there was no leaking before it was full.  (it will seep over when full) This continued into day 2, and part of the day into day three.
Day three, I still had to empty every 3-4 hours, but the cup was still holding up, I was cleaner than I ever had been using tampons, and still no leaking.
Day 5-8 I was able to go the entire 12 hours without any seeping, leaking, or having to empty the cup.
I was unable to feel the cup during my actual cycle, until it got overfilled.  Then I could feel it a bit.  Again, nothing uncomfortable, just a presence.  Tampons, I can't stand.

A couple disclaimers, I drowned myself in coffee on day 2, to give the ultimate test to the cup, yeah hindsight is 20/20, but had I been wearing tampons, I think I would have gone through an entire box of them in those 2 days.
My cycle is typically heavy and I end up having to do at least 2-3 "leaked" loads of laundry.  This time, none. Since the washer was free, I was able to wash my curtains.
Now, about that hands on issue.  At no point did it even bother me, in fact, I was actually surprised at how much cleaner it was to use the cup.  I had the benefit of being right next to my bathroom sink in my *ahem* cozy bathroom so I was able to dump the contents in the toilet, and rinse the cup in the sink.  By the time I got the cup back in place, there was barely anything on my hands, even with the "one full rotation" to make sure it went properly into place.
I had one mishap with the cup.  It dropped into the toilet when I was about to reinsert as my 3 year old son came banging on the door to come in.  A quick wash with antibacterial hand soap and I was good to go again.

The MiaCup, saved me at least 1 time in my cycle.  I know all of us have done this, the quick run out, I'll be back before I need to change the diaper, change pads, change whatever.  This time, my van broke down leaving me stuck at a storage unit of all places, with a cranky baby.  IF i had been using tampons, it would have been an utter mess.  With the MiaCup, all I had to do was empty, rinse, and I was good.  If only everything in life was that simple :)

So, of all the cups out there why MiaCup?
1. Free Shipping.  I love the word FREE, even more, I love it when combined with the word shipping
2. 6 Month no questions asked return policy. They understand there is a learning curve.  Very few women are unable to wear a cup, some women take a cycle or two to grasp the learning curve.  MiaCup wants you to succeed and love your cup!
3. Each purchase MiaCup donates to Food and Trees for Africa, and provides an opportunity for clients to donate additional funds.
4. 100% hypoallergenic.  Made of medial grade silicone.

You can buy one HERE

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Luna Pad Review & Giveaway

I received for purposes of review a Maxi Pad w/ liner

Simple package.
Simple design.
Simply in love.

I have been using cloth pads for a while now, and while they are much more comfortable than disposables, there was still the bulk factor.  Fluffy bums look ADORABLE on babies, not so much on mama's.

Enter Luna Pads:
Side view, insert inside, folded (seriously, it's all there!)
Luna Pads is an All in Two pad.  The shell, super cute, is reusable all day long.  Snap one on in the morning, and remove/ replace the liner as needed.  So simple.  The liner is held down by two strips of rick rack sewn on to the shell.  Generous sized wings taper to a snapped back to keep the pad in place.

I received the pad at the beginning of my "tester time" so I was anxious to get going with it.  I threw it in to wash and prep once, quick tumble dry and off we went.  This pad is thinner than the leading ultra thin sposies,  I could barely feel it! It went to the ultimate test as I had on a "cute" pair of panties with a thinner than your average granny drawers, and still, no slipping.  I almost hated to take it off when it was time to change.  Super soft and stay dry, it felt wonderful.  Are you allowed to say that about a menstrual pad?

I found myself having to find enough laundry to wash to clean the pad and re-use it, every day.  It would not even be stretching the truth to say that I at times washed it and wore it more than once a day (I do TONS of laundry)  It's THAT comfortable!  

As I neared the end of my cycle, I was able to use the base only, as it has a built in liner made of 100% cotton fleece (the liner is an additional 2 layers of 100% cotton fleece) backed by a thin layer of nylon to deter leak through and 2 layers of 100% cotton flannel.  Still no shifting.

The package as it is sold is intended for average flow, but one can easily bump up the grade to heavy by adding additional liners, or lessen to pantyliner flow by not using a liner.  Very adjustable!  This pad set can go from day one, all the way through, and beyond the last day of cycles.  Luna pads also offers a variety of items, from mini liners, mini pads, to overnight post pardom pads and inserts to fully customize your personal needs! 

What's that?  You want one? You can buy one from  Fluff Envy, one of my favorite places to shop!!
I love shopping at Fluff envy for a variety of reasons.  A few of those reasons are:
The customer service is AWESOME.  Super fast responses to any questions or inquiries, if email is not fast enough for you, there is even a live chat feature available on the website. 
Super fast shipping, and free on orders over $35
Fluff Change!  For each dollar you spend, you are awarded points to redeem towards store credit.
Layaway.  An affordable way to fluff up your stash, make your picks and take up to 90 days to pay it off.
Huge selection of products! 
You can try to win one, as Fluff Envy has generously provided one for one of you lucky readers!
Get your entries in before May 26th!  I will draw a winner that night!
Facebook love and shout-outs are welcome!
Be sure to follow my blog for future reviews and giveaways as well

Monday, May 16, 2011

Teething Bling Me Baby!

I have been looking at getting a teething necklace for close to a year now. I was afraid of what I was getting if I ordered online, as I am a "touchy feely" let me think about it kind of person, and no local stores, or chain stores carried such items. I am also indecisive, I think...

Look how cute, and practical to boot!
I was afraid I would order a teething necklace online and open my mailbox to find some cheap, plastic, gaudy, quarter machine necklace I would not wear. I could not have been further from WRONG about Teething Bling by SmartMom Jewelry.  When I was given the chance to review a necklace, in my true fashion, I could not decide which to get.  They were all so cute and fashionable! I emailed a short list of my favorites and let them decide.  I ended up with a Brown Snowflake Pendant.  It is a great neutral pick!

As soon as I got it out of the package, Abby was all over it.  I loved that it was small enough for her get in her mouth, yet large enough for her to hold with two hands, and light enough where she could hold it!

Nom Nom Nom....

breakaway safety clasp
The breakaway clasp it has is strong enough to hold the necklace on with normal tugging by baby, yet releases with a little stronger tug.  I loved that it was easy enough to take on and off this way, and re-attach to an Ergo strap while Daddy wore her in it, or even clipped on to the carseat handle.  (be sure to supervise baby with all jewelry, whether it's on you or attached to something else, and never place it around baby's neck!) 

a decent amount of force needed to "bend"
The Bling is semi flexible, soft enough to chew, but firm enough to withstand chewing without breaking apart. I do have to admit I took a chomp or two (or even more) on the Bling as well.   A great (fashionable) stress reliever for mommies :)
Would you love one too?  Visit the site at
Visit their Facebook page at for giveaways GALORE, fresh ideas, and fun!  They LOVE to include their fans in the designs for upcoming products!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ohhh Mama!

Upon entering the world of cloth diapering, I thought it was awesome that I could get so many cute chemical free  bundles of fluffiness for my daughters bum.  I was new to the world, and did not know that the "re-useable" options went beyond diapers.  Little did I know that I had already begun my movement by eliminating kitchen paper products.  Instead of paper towels, I invested in a couple packs of plain white washcloths sold by the dozen at local retailer for $3.99 each, replaced paper plates with kid friendly resin plates, stopped buying tissues, and stopped buying disposable diapers.  The thought (at the time) of cloth wipes left me shuddering, so I withheld...

Anyways..  a while later, I came across mama cloth.  My initial reaction was Eww!  You reuse them?  What about the staining, what about the handling, what about.....  No way.  I was not going to go there.
I went on buying my disposable pads, while preaching and touting the benefits of cloth diapers. Until..

I don't know it it is the industry, or so many women are suddenly having issues, or they are just beginning to talk about it, but after the birth of my 5th child, I began to have reactions to my "trusted" brand of pads.  It was also getting to the point where it would take me 5 minutes standing in front of a green and blue plastic bag filled wall.  Scented, unscented, super, overnight, mega industrial, tiny light, liner, etc..  There are more options here than on my last new car!  I have never been able to use the scented ones, instant rash!  By day 3 or 4 post pardom, I had welts from the disposable pads, as well as raw rashes.  This coupled with birthing tenderness, I could barely walk, let alone sit down to feed my baby.  Other women have reported similar reactions, from rashes, to breakouts, to welting as well.

WOMEN!!  What are we doing to our poor bodies!!!

I decided now was the time to try cloth for me.  I started with just one figuring minimal investment, why not...

It was heaven.  Breathable, flannel lined heaven.  Non bunching, non shifting, no glue, no tell tale plastic wrappers.  And this was just in the first 5 minutes!  They absorb pretty much the same as their disposable counterparts, so you change them just as often, and come in varying sizes and absorbency, but they also come in cute fabrics, prints, and colors!  There is also less smell involved.  That oh so lovely "period smell" is barely even there, since these cloth pads breath!  Better yet, they even come in MINKY!

If you are already cloth diapering, there is no extra laundry to do with these.  Simply throw them in with your diaper laundry and wash with them!  Most of them are foldable and have snaps, so they can be snapped into cute little fluffy squares to keep in your purse, under your bathroom sink, in your car, at your desk, and nobody will know the difference.  Use the same method, along with a small wet/dry bag for when you are on your cycle to store them before washing.  I personally put them in my diaper pail for laundering.  If you are not cloth diapering, or are out of the diaper age, a simple small load on the smallest washer setting at the end of your cycle (or whenever you need to re-use your stash during your cycle) will work nicely.  Tiny amount of detergent, and no bleach.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Inspired By Finn Review

I have always been one to avoid medications when possible.  This could be due to my ever growing list of allergies, or just not wanting to put things in my body that I can't pronounce.

I was not always this way.  One fine day, on my way to my routine GYN appointment, I took my previously prescribed pain meds, and within 10 minutes was in the ER with a full blown reaction.  I decided at that point I was done with medications, unless it was dire.  I have passed this to my children as well.  Not knowing if they inherited my growing sensitivity to over the counter meds and intensity of reactions, I don't want to take a chance at all with them!

But as we all know, with kids comes pain, and headaches, and then there are their ailments!  LOL!

I came to hear about Baltic Amber.  First I was seeing it as cute little necklaces on babies and toddlers.  As I grew into my semi crunchy lifestyle, my interest peaked.

I caved.

This is Abby.  She is my cranky girl.

She just entered her teething stage, and let me say, this Amber came none too soon!  I have only had to give her Tylenol a couple times since putting the necklace on her, but before it got here, I was giving her pain medications at least 1-2 times per day, and hating it :(

The necklace seems to be helping with her drooling as well.  She has not cut her teeth yet, and does not seem to be overly bothered most of the time with her teething.  I just like that I don't have to continually medicate her to ease her pain.

I got curious and tried an amber around my ankle, as I have been having chronic knee pain.  Within about a hour, I was able to go down on my knee with little pain.  The next morning, I had zero issues bending my knee, or applying pressure to different spots.  After taking the amber back off, all the pain was back :(

I have to say after reviewing this amber, I am a true believer, and have since ordered an anklet for myself, and a necklace for hubby, who suffers from chronic neck and back tension.  

I prefer the screw style fastener that was sent with Abby's necklace.  I have used the C clasp style on other jewelry pieces and had it spring and break  :(  I also like the added security of each bead being knotted, so if it does break, you don't have a bazillion beads scattering across the floor like a scene out of Home Alone!  

A few facts about Baltic Amber:
It is not a stone, it is fossilized tree resin.
The skin warms the resin releasing trace amounts of oil that contain succinic acid.  
The succinic acid is what is absorbed onto the skin. 
Baltic Amber can even help boost the body's immune system and healing ability.
Can help replenish oxygen and energy supply to depleted cells.
Can help break the cycle of chronic inflammation.
Looks stylish!
Inspired by Finn is CPSIA compliant :)

A few disclaimers:
Children should always be supervised while wearing any piece of jewelry, including Baltic Amber.
Jewelry should be removed at sleeping times.

Want some for yourself? 

You can buy it here
Want a chance to win a piece, or get awesome sale or discount notifications? "Like" Inspired By Finn on Facebook.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Newborn Diapering

So this has GOT to be my favorite part of cloth diapering, Tiny little bums wrapped in fluffy goodness :)

Q. How many of what diapers do I need to start?

A. It depends on how often you want to wash.

If you want to wash daily, I would recommend at least a dozen diapers a day. Multiply that number by the days you want to go between washings and that is how many you will need to start.  Keep in mind that your new little bundle is going to be up every 2-3 hours to eat, and for the first 4-6 weeks are going to be having bowel movements each time.  In newborn diapering you need to look at quantity over quality. Saying that, you don't want the cheapiest of the cheap on the bum, but you have to have a large enough supply to be successful!
When I started cloth diapering Madison, I started with about a dozen preemie prefolds and 2 or 3 bummis super brite covers.  I was washing daily.  I would wash her diapers with my sons one day, and the next day wash it with a load of her clothing, so hers were getting washed daily.  I had to rectify that quickly.
Prefolds are a staple in cloth diapering.  They are about the only item that will last from the first diaper change to the first oil change for the same child :)  I used mine for diapers, snotty nose wipes, burp rags, hot mats, doublers, liquid spills on the carpet and coffee tables, postpardom leak pads, etc...  You get it, there are one million and one uses for prefolds!  Most babies can go straight into infant sized prefolds, Madison was an exception at a mere 5 lbs 15 oz.  Abby was able to go straight to infant at 8 lbs 3 oz.  She also went straight into XS covers.
Next comes covers.  For the newborn stage, look for those with double gussets, and specifically made for newborns.  FYI, not many one sizes will fit all too well on a newborn.  Make sure to have at least 3-4 covers.  Most of the time you can simply wipe off any messes and re-use it, or let it air dry to rotate back in later in the day. You can look for covers with umbilical notches in them, and most XS or newborn will have this on there, but it is actually easier to have the diaper cover the umbilical area, as not all cords are at the same rise.  Don't weigh your cover selection on this alone.
For outings:
I don't recommended an ALL AIO stash for a newborn, as that would get quite expensive, and they don't fit the newborn diapers for too long, but I do suggest 2-3 AIO's for Dr visits, helping mother in law's, and daddy changes.  Most newborn AIO's run about $12-18 each, so it is easy to see why an entire stash of these could easily break the bank :)  Once that little Bean gets a little meat on their bones, you can start supplementing with pockets.  Some of the better fitting pockets I have found for my newborns are Rumparooz, Fuzzibunz and Bumgenius.  Rumparooz and Bumgenius take a larger slice of cake in my opinion since they offer aplix.  When you are dealing with a tiny newborn belly, sometimes snaps just can't get a secure enough fit.  Snaps however are GREAT later on!!
Wipes.  That HUGE stack of baby washcloths everybody gave you for your baby shower are going to be the best wipe for a newborn bum.  Thin enough to reach the tiny folds and sensitive skin, but soft and thirsty enough to get the mess cleaned up.  Moistened with a touch of plain water is all you need!
Many people are reluctant to start cloth diapering from day one for fear of meconium staining.  While it's nice to have bright white (or natural colored) prefolds, that meconium is some rough stuff, however, the sun is even more powerful, and free!  None of my prefolds, (even after 2 from day one diapering) have residual staining on them.  Don't let this fear keep you from starting early!
Some people will even opt for a diaper service for the fist couple months, to get them on their feet and into the cloth diapering routine, and past the itty bitty diaper phase.  Some retailers have caught onto this as well, and have started offering newborn diaper rental pacakges.  You can keep an entire stash of newborn AIO's and pockets for a couple months for minimal charge, and return it when you are done.
Finally, ENJOY the newborn phase!  It goes by so quickly!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

What Do I Need To Successfully Cloth Diaper?

I am lucky enough to work in a fluffy storefront, and besides the "which diaper do you recommend" the most asked question we get is "What all do I NEED to start"

There are so many accessories for cloth diapering, but only a few necessaries.

Blissful Booty Starter Pack

  1. The baby 
  2. Diapers
  3. Wipes
  4. Wetbag/ pail liner
  5. Detergent 

That's it, those are the basics.  This kit here from Blissful Booty can give you a great start.  It includes 4 AIO (All In One) diapers, 1 zippered hanging wetbag, 10 pack of two sided wipes, wipe water concentrate and spray bottle, and a pail liner.

Depending on the age of your baby, and time you want in diapers (full time, part time, day time, etc) will vary the amount of diapers you will need to be successful.  This kit, which retails for $120.00 is enough to get a good part time start for an older baby to toddler who on average will only go through 5-7 diapers a day, to include overnight.  How awesome is that!
Wetbag, wipe water, 2 dipes,
5 wipes, spray bottle, and love!

I had the pleasure of testing this kit from Blissful Booty and had such a hard time deciding which item was my favorite!  So we will start from the top :)

1. The baby:
Madison, 21 months, 28 lbs
wearing a medium.
Abby, 5 months 14 lbs
wearing a small.

2. Diapers:
These diapers are True AIO's.  There is no pocket, no stuffing, no drama,  put it on, take it off, wash and repeat.
Now, I will admit, I am a pessimist when it comes to hype, and I scoffed at the mere thought of people rubbing the diapers on their face due to the softness, but, I did it too.  They are BUTTER soft!  (Yes, even after washing!)  They had the internal gussets to maintain Abby's EBF poo, and Maddi's teething poo, and even better, sprayed off easily before the teething issues got here! They wash super well, wear great, and dry fast!  I have no idea what magic spell they put on these things when they make them, but it worked!  As you can see, there is plenty of room for them to both grow into the diapers, and plenty of room for them to be smaller in them with the crossover tabs.  I wish all diapers had these!  They have recently introduced snaps (with crossover snaps) to their line-up for those of you who prefer snaps, all though, the aplix they have used has not created diaper chains in my laundry, filled with lint, or fuzzed up over the time that I have used them, and that use has been heavy!  These diapers are SUPER trim as well!  Just check out the plumber shot!
These jeans cannot be worn with
some of her other fluff, but these
diapers work well with them!

3. The wipes:
If you are going to cloth diaper, go the cloth wipe route as well.  Your baby's bum will thank you, as well as your washer for not missing the disposables that shred in the laundry when you miss one, and you will!  These cotton/ terry double layer wipes are perfect!  Thick enough to clean the messiest messes with 1, but gentle enough to clean faces after a rough day of modeling.  The wipe water concentrate they sent, delicious!  Smells wonderful without being overpowering, and non-greasy!  I used water previous to this, as most of the other solutions were either too soapy, greasy, or obnoxiously over powering smelly.  This concentrate is none of those.

4. The wetbag:
If you are going out, your little one is not (most of the time) going to wait until you get home to soil the diaper. You need a wetbag to take the diaper home in, or for the daycare to place them in.  I  had a hard time picking which pattern of wetbag I liked most, but the monkey one stole my heart!  My favorite feature of the bag (besides the cute pattern) is the handle.  It can be used as either a hanging wetbag, or snap onto a stroller, outside of your diaper bag, or grab bar in the van/ car.  Little details like this get me so excited!  I think that is why the wetbag is my favorite item I received!  It washes well, and can hold at least 4-5 soiled diapers with wipes while still being able to close easily.

5. The detergent:
My previous blog on washing covers this, but to recap Rockin' Green is recommended by myself and sold by Blissful Booty :)

Now, onto the fun part (for you)  YOU get to try a product from Blissful Booty!  I could not decide what to award you with, so you get to decide between a diaper or wetbag!

Mandatory entries:
1. Follow my blog.  (how else would you know you won?)
2. Visit Blissful Booty and tell me what other item you would like to try of theirs.
Extra entries:
1. Visit my Facebook page, (ps, if you fan my FB page, I announce winners there too)
2. Visit Blissful Booty's Facebook page and tell them "hi" (ps, fan them if you want up to the minute sale notifications and giveways from them)
3. Tell me which you would choose, and why.  (Diaper or Wetbag)
4. What is your favorite fabric pattern they offer.
5. Share the love!  Let others know about the giveaway! will decide a winner April 8th at 8:00 pm EST!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Am Crying "Uncle"!!

I have had a very stressful laundry week, and it has all come down on my beloved diapers.

I love my cloth, as I have said in previous posts, and like many of you, are so "retentive" about staining, discoloration, and stink.  I will gladly wash a diaper 15 times and sun it dry over and over to avoid a stain.  This last week, I have been brought to the brink of tears, and disposables. :(
Wednesday, as I did my normal diaper laundry, I noticed some dark brown spots on my dipes.  I grumpily figured it was a crayon or other marking device left in one of the kids pockets and began the arduous task of inspecting each diaper and insert thoroughly to remove the tainted ones from rotation to rewash with the next load. It only turned out to be a small handful of dipes.  Not too bad.
Thursday I laundered again, inspecting the dipes, there were MORE spots.  I panicked.  Removing the spotted ones at this point were not an option, removing the unspotted ones was easier.  This time, only  a handful of "clean" diapers.
With most of Thursdays load needing to be rewashed, and Wednesdays stragglers, plus the diapers I was still using, I was running behind on diaper laundry.  I did the only thing  I could do, I put them back in the wash.  I figured the culprit HAD to be washed out of the washer by now.  Boy, was I wrong.
Friday, after an epic load of diaper laundry, I pulled them out of the wash.  There were not spots this time, but smears and blots.  *GASP* and the smell of grease.  EVERY one of my diapers I washed that time had grease spots on them, new, old, ones currently in review, you name it, stained!
(Sidenote, a few weeks earlier, I had some other diapering products bleed onto an entire load of diapers, so on top of my hideously yellowed dipes from that escapade, I now have grease stains.)
I dumped all the remaining unlaundered dirty diapers in my bath tub and prewashed them, then carted them and the spotted ones to my fathers house around the corner to rewash them in his washer.  If only he knew I washed them in there, I might end up with a new washer from him!  2-3 washes per load later at his house, i still had grease spots all over my diapers, but at least the grease smell was gone at this point.
It turned out that the transmission in my washer blew a seal and spewed mechanical grease all over many loads of laundry.
I am now the proud new owner of a toothbrush, bottle of blue dawn, and a new washing machine.  I am happy, momentarily.
Today, I resumed my diaper laundry, again, far behind.  I decided to split my load, inserts and prefolds first, and I would wash my AIO's, covers, and shells next.  I normally do not launder this way, and boy am I glad I did in hindsight.  I threw my freshly laundered prefolds and inserts into the dryer and start to wash my PUL items.  About an hour later I open my dryer to get the inserts and my heart sunk.  They were BLACK!!!  No. No. No.  I put them in the laundry basket, and brought them out and dropped them silently at my husbands feet.  "I give up"  After almost 2 years of  exclusive cloth diapering, this third event was too much.
After investigating the dryer, the only thing I can presume is when the delivery men were installing the washer, they pushed the dryer and kinked the exhaust hose.  A stuck chunk of lint must have caught fire and disbursed soot and smoke into the washer, and my room (I noticed the smoke earlier, but dismissed it as candle smoke from it burning too high)  Thank God my dryer itself did not catch fire, or house, or harm my daughter who was sleeping in the room adjacent to the dryer.
The good news, the black soot washed off.  Inserts were saved.  Now, to go scrub off all that grease :(

Sunday, March 20, 2011

One Size Fuzzi Bunz Hemp Pocket

I love that I had the chance to review this diaper!  I am a huge hemp fan, and a Fuzzi fan, and now, the two are united, in fluffy love!!

I was sent a Hemp One Size Big Sky from their Funkadelic colors.  Generally, I love the over the top girly colors and prints, but this blue seems to fit that for me, while still being neutral enough to go on a boy.  Then again, I am quite a funky loving person, maybe that's why it works?!?

On to the review!

I received 1 shell, 1 medium hemp insert, an extra elastic kit, and sizing instructions.

Blue Sky with hemp insert on top
Grape with microfiber on bottom
My first thought was how slim the diaper was.  I love the Slim cut of the one size for use under smaller clothes, or skirts for my daughter, as many of the competing one size diapers on the market are bulkier and often have excess fabric that tends to hang out either the top of the pants, or below the hem of the skirt.   Amplify that trimness times hemp, and even the skinniest of jeans would fit!

I prepped the diaper 3 times before my initial test, as you should with hemp.  Fuzzi Bunz states
"Initially, insert needs to be washed 4-5 times separatelyto activate natural hemp absorption qualities."
The hemp jersey insert fluffed right up and was super soft! Even after line drying it since the initial prep, it does not dry "crunchy" like my other hemp inserts and doublers.

I first tried to get the diaper on my 4 month old,  whom I have had a horrible time finding one sizes to fit properly.  Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Fit diapers were the first pocket that would fit her, and surprisingly, this one fit her as well!  It took a few adjustments to get a good fit on her, where there weren't gaps, or looping flaps, but once I found it, it fit GREAT!  I used the size guide that came with the diaper to get a general idea, and tweaked it from there to fit.  The medium insert git great, with no folding needed.
Try number one
Fully adjusted :)
Nice and slim!

I  put her down for a nap in it.  Abby's morning naps can be marathon naps, and this instance, she decided to take one.  4 hours later, she woke up.  With her being a skinny stomach sleeper, we often get leaks when using pockets for sleep.  No leaks.  I was impressed!

One diaper load of laundry later, I readjusted the diaper to fit my 20 month old.  A few simple button and unbuttons later, it fit like a glove on her too!  She is a chunk, weighing in at 28 lbs and there was still room for her to grow in the diaper.  One sippy full of juice and her side sleeping 3 hour nap later, we were still dry!  Hooray!! (mommy loves dry sheets and clothes!)

Still room to grow!
Does this diaper make my bum look cute?
Next wearing, I subjected myself to the ultimate test.  I wore Madison in it.  I have had horrible instances of leaking when Madison has been wearing hemp without a super soaker in front of it, and me becoming the super soaker.  Fully expecting to be the victim again, we set out to test.  An Ergo ride, cart load, and a couple hours later my back was dry.  I figured she had not peed yet, so I checked, she had, and I was not the recipient!

Overall assessment? I. Want. More!

Do you want one too?  You can get one here in any of the Fuzzi Bunz colors!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tiny Tush Covers Review

Recently, I was given the chance to review a Tiny Tush Cover.  

In one short sentence, I love it!

I was sent the Tiny Tush XS in celery, with snaps.  By the time my cover got here, my daughter was on the far end of the weight scale. At  over 4 months, and 12 lbs 8 oz, It still fit her fine.

X-Small 6-13lbs
Small 13-20lbs
Medium 20-27lbs
Large 27- 38lbs

Initial impressions of the cover:

I love it has double gussets,  I often wonder WHY all covers don't have them!
The flap in the front for tucking of inserts, all though I use infant sized prefolds with mine.  
Crossover snaps in the front, to fit the smallest of babes!  (even though the chart says 6, I'm almost sure it would fit down to 4 lbs!)
Umbilical dip, for healing bellies.
Soft knit fabric.
Easy on the wallet.
Best of all USA Made!  

This cover left zero red marks, thanks to the soft elastic casings.  I did have some extra hip snap covers, so I am able to use them to extend the use of this cover even more!  at 4 1/2 months, she can still use it without them though.  The rise is high enough in both the front and the back :)

I like to put my testers through every situation possible.  This cover was tested for nap-time, overnight, playtime, babywearing, car seat, travel, sitting, and jogging (ok, kidding about the jogging) It passed all the tests with only 1 leak, and that was simply user error.  (I let the pre-fold peek out of the back on accident)  After being washed with every diaper laundry load for almost a month, it still looks like NEW!  No staining, no PUL cracking, no pilling, and still as soft as can be.