Monday, April 25, 2011

Inspired By Finn Review

I have always been one to avoid medications when possible.  This could be due to my ever growing list of allergies, or just not wanting to put things in my body that I can't pronounce.

I was not always this way.  One fine day, on my way to my routine GYN appointment, I took my previously prescribed pain meds, and within 10 minutes was in the ER with a full blown reaction.  I decided at that point I was done with medications, unless it was dire.  I have passed this to my children as well.  Not knowing if they inherited my growing sensitivity to over the counter meds and intensity of reactions, I don't want to take a chance at all with them!

But as we all know, with kids comes pain, and headaches, and then there are their ailments!  LOL!

I came to hear about Baltic Amber.  First I was seeing it as cute little necklaces on babies and toddlers.  As I grew into my semi crunchy lifestyle, my interest peaked.

I caved.

This is Abby.  She is my cranky girl.

She just entered her teething stage, and let me say, this Amber came none too soon!  I have only had to give her Tylenol a couple times since putting the necklace on her, but before it got here, I was giving her pain medications at least 1-2 times per day, and hating it :(

The necklace seems to be helping with her drooling as well.  She has not cut her teeth yet, and does not seem to be overly bothered most of the time with her teething.  I just like that I don't have to continually medicate her to ease her pain.

I got curious and tried an amber around my ankle, as I have been having chronic knee pain.  Within about a hour, I was able to go down on my knee with little pain.  The next morning, I had zero issues bending my knee, or applying pressure to different spots.  After taking the amber back off, all the pain was back :(

I have to say after reviewing this amber, I am a true believer, and have since ordered an anklet for myself, and a necklace for hubby, who suffers from chronic neck and back tension.  

I prefer the screw style fastener that was sent with Abby's necklace.  I have used the C clasp style on other jewelry pieces and had it spring and break  :(  I also like the added security of each bead being knotted, so if it does break, you don't have a bazillion beads scattering across the floor like a scene out of Home Alone!  

A few facts about Baltic Amber:
It is not a stone, it is fossilized tree resin.
The skin warms the resin releasing trace amounts of oil that contain succinic acid.  
The succinic acid is what is absorbed onto the skin. 
Baltic Amber can even help boost the body's immune system and healing ability.
Can help replenish oxygen and energy supply to depleted cells.
Can help break the cycle of chronic inflammation.
Looks stylish!
Inspired by Finn is CPSIA compliant :)

A few disclaimers:
Children should always be supervised while wearing any piece of jewelry, including Baltic Amber.
Jewelry should be removed at sleeping times.

Want some for yourself? 

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  1. My baby nephew is having a hard time with his teething stage, I'm going to suggest this to my older sister :)

    Thanks :D

  2. I have bought 4 necklaces from inspired by finn.. 2 for my son one for stepdad and one for a friend.. seriously awesome product