Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Luna Pad Review & Giveaway

I received for purposes of review a Maxi Pad w/ liner

Simple package.
Simple design.
Simply in love.

I have been using cloth pads for a while now, and while they are much more comfortable than disposables, there was still the bulk factor.  Fluffy bums look ADORABLE on babies, not so much on mama's.

Enter Luna Pads:
Side view, insert inside, folded (seriously, it's all there!)
Luna Pads is an All in Two pad.  The shell, super cute, is reusable all day long.  Snap one on in the morning, and remove/ replace the liner as needed.  So simple.  The liner is held down by two strips of rick rack sewn on to the shell.  Generous sized wings taper to a snapped back to keep the pad in place.

I received the pad at the beginning of my "tester time" so I was anxious to get going with it.  I threw it in to wash and prep once, quick tumble dry and off we went.  This pad is thinner than the leading ultra thin sposies,  I could barely feel it! It went to the ultimate test as I had on a "cute" pair of panties with a thinner than your average granny drawers, and still, no slipping.  I almost hated to take it off when it was time to change.  Super soft and stay dry, it felt wonderful.  Are you allowed to say that about a menstrual pad?

I found myself having to find enough laundry to wash to clean the pad and re-use it, every day.  It would not even be stretching the truth to say that I at times washed it and wore it more than once a day (I do TONS of laundry)  It's THAT comfortable!  

As I neared the end of my cycle, I was able to use the base only, as it has a built in liner made of 100% cotton fleece (the liner is an additional 2 layers of 100% cotton fleece) backed by a thin layer of nylon to deter leak through and 2 layers of 100% cotton flannel.  Still no shifting.

The package as it is sold is intended for average flow, but one can easily bump up the grade to heavy by adding additional liners, or lessen to pantyliner flow by not using a liner.  Very adjustable!  This pad set can go from day one, all the way through, and beyond the last day of cycles.  Luna pads also offers a variety of items, from mini liners, mini pads, to overnight post pardom pads and inserts to fully customize your personal needs! 

What's that?  You want one? You can buy one from  Fluff Envy, one of my favorite places to shop!!
I love shopping at Fluff envy for a variety of reasons.  A few of those reasons are:
The customer service is AWESOME.  Super fast responses to any questions or inquiries, if email is not fast enough for you, there is even a live chat feature available on the website. 
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Monday, May 16, 2011

Teething Bling Me Baby!

I have been looking at getting a teething necklace for close to a year now. I was afraid of what I was getting if I ordered online, as I am a "touchy feely" let me think about it kind of person, and no local stores, or chain stores carried such items. I am also indecisive, I think...

Look how cute, and practical to boot!
I was afraid I would order a teething necklace online and open my mailbox to find some cheap, plastic, gaudy, quarter machine necklace I would not wear. I could not have been further from WRONG about Teething Bling by SmartMom Jewelry.  When I was given the chance to review a necklace, in my true fashion, I could not decide which to get.  They were all so cute and fashionable! I emailed a short list of my favorites and let them decide.  I ended up with a Brown Snowflake Pendant.  It is a great neutral pick!

As soon as I got it out of the package, Abby was all over it.  I loved that it was small enough for her get in her mouth, yet large enough for her to hold with two hands, and light enough where she could hold it!

Nom Nom Nom....

breakaway safety clasp
The breakaway clasp it has is strong enough to hold the necklace on with normal tugging by baby, yet releases with a little stronger tug.  I loved that it was easy enough to take on and off this way, and re-attach to an Ergo strap while Daddy wore her in it, or even clipped on to the carseat handle.  (be sure to supervise baby with all jewelry, whether it's on you or attached to something else, and never place it around baby's neck!) 

a decent amount of force needed to "bend"
The Bling is semi flexible, soft enough to chew, but firm enough to withstand chewing without breaking apart. I do have to admit I took a chomp or two (or even more) on the Bling as well.   A great (fashionable) stress reliever for mommies :)
Would you love one too?  Visit the site at www.smartmomjewelry.com
Visit their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Teething-Bling/167516720033 for giveaways GALORE, fresh ideas, and fun!  They LOVE to include their fans in the designs for upcoming products!