Thursday, June 23, 2011

Boobear Boutique Tutu giveaway!!

Does it get any better than Fluff and Tutu's?

Madison is the ultimate "girly girl" so when I was given the opportunity to sample a Boobear Boutique custom Tutu, I had to get one for my princess!
I think every little girl needs one of these!   Perfectly frilly, perfectly dainty, perfectly punky!
tied onto matching pink tulle ribbon
When I picked my tutu, I was expecting to have to wait a typical custom  time frame (4-6 weeks) to my surprise, Sarah had the tutu done and shipped in less than 1 week!  Topping that with excellent communication each step of the way, and pictures showing me what my custom creation looked like!   I could not wait to get it!   

I say that little things make the difference.  On top of this sweet pair of tutu's, she included hand written thank you cards in my packages.  If I had half the mind to think of stuff like that!  

I was given Maddi's tutu for review, and I must say, for her age, it is perfect, construction, length, and attitude!  My little girl will be 2 next week, and we all know toddlers are rough on everything.  This was taken into consideration when the tutu was constructed.   Using tulle ribbon as a foundation gave it enough strength to keep it together through trips, falls, pulls, fits, wearing to playdates, and everywhere else she insisted on wearing her tutu!  From the first time she got it on, she spent at least 2 hours in it until we finally had to take it off for bath time.
I also liked that the tutu is adjustable.  I was able to spread the tulle out on the ribbon to make a less full tutu that fit on my 8 year old daughter. Just scrunch it down to fit back.  Even my boys (they would not let me post pictures of them) got in on dancing around in them!

When Maddi got her tutu, I could not let my little Abby go without! I bought her this purple one. Hers came out super delicate (but still yummy enough to eat) For the daintier babies, Boobear Boutique offers soft crotchet waistbands that are super stretchy. After leaving it on Abby for about an hour for her to  wriggle around the room in, there were zero red marks, zero irritation on her!  It stood up to her gumming and chewing on the tulle, and all  that pulling did not disfigure the shape at. all.

Tied on a soft crotchet waistband

So you say you want one of these for your own?

You can take advantage of the extreme discounts offered on the Boobear Boutique facebook page.

Sarah at Boobear Boutique has decided to give away a custom tutu to one of my lovely readers!  Enter below for your chance to win a sweet custom Tutu!  Winner will be drawn on July 1st at 8 pm EST :)

This giveaway is in no way sponsored by Facebook.
It is always nice to thank the sponsor!

Monday, June 6, 2011

An AppleCheeks a Day

I drooled over AppleCheeks for the longest time.

I stalked Happy Cottontails for the longest time.

When happy Cottontails offered AppleCheeks for review, I jumped!
I was sent an Applecheeks little bundle in Raspberry Sorbet size 2 with a sample of Rockin Green detergent.  As if being selected to review these fab diapers was not awesome enough, she threw in more goodies!   I love the service Happy Cottontails provides!!  

The whole time I heard about AppleCheeks, I thought what's the rage about with them?  Why are they so awesome?  I will tell you why!

 2 size diapering system.   An awesome way to get a great, longer lasting fit on both sides of the chart!  AppleCheeks sizes are Size One, 7-20 lbs, Size 2 18-40 lbs.  

Cute!   I am bored with the plain look of regular pockets.  AppleCheeks thought to spiffy them up a touch with serging.  (I love serging!) It provides a cute little ruffle to finish off the fluffyness of cloth! I can't wait to see all the prints they are coming out with!
Size 2 on my 16 lb daughter.
Outside of the weight range for the diaper, but still a good fit!

Versatile!  Let's face it, as moms, we are BUSY!  We need something that is flexible enough to meld with our lifestyles.  This is it!  I admit, I don't always get my diapers sorted and folded after each wash.  I have even gone so far as 4 loads piled up (washed and dried that is) before I even get a chance to sit down to sort, let alone stuff them!  AppleCheeks is an All in Two, meaning, when I have en extra 5 minutes to stuff a few diapers, it can be used as a pocket, with anything inserted into it, microfiber, prefolds, or, the super soft bamboo insert it came with.  When I am running late and diapering out of my laundry basket, dryer, or off the clothesline (I'm a busy mama!) I can lay the bamboo insert right on top of the shell and use it as a cover!  If you have a few extra bamboo inserts (sold separately here) or even prefolds, the same cover can be used all day long!

One bundle a day can keep your little one diapered.
Use the shell as a cover and just change the insert.
I have recently become a  lover (obsessed) with bamboo. This insert does not disappoint!  Silky soft, squishy double layered bamboo can be tri-folded to create 6 layers of absorbency for the diaper.  6 layers of bamboo equals about 5 daytime hours of diaper for my supersoaker daughter with no leaks!  I put this dipe on her after her morning wake up. When she had an epic fit, she was placed in her crib where she fell asleep for 3 more hours.  No leaks :)  

Same diaper on my almost 2 year old 29 lb girl.  Excellent fit within the size chart with room to grow!

Another thing I love about AppleCheeks is the HUGE opening for stuffing.  I can even give it to hubby to stuff and he has no problems!  There is enough room in here to put 2 of the bamboo inserts for overnight, or long trips and still have room for more! I was able to stuff (with room to spare in fit and pocket opening) the double layer bamboo insert, tri-folded,  and a WAHM bamboo hemp 6 layer prefold, tri-folded again, for 24 layers of organic natural fiber absorption.  Which, by the way, is my new night time solution for my super heavy wetting daughter.

What's that you say?  You want one of these for your own? Happy Cottontails has generously decided to give away an awesome AppleCheeks Little Bundle to one of my lovely readers!
Winner will be drawn June 15th and notified by email :)  you must claim within 24 hours!

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mama Mia

Men, avert your eyes, We are going to talk about glitter, rainbows and unicorns!

Are they gone?  Good.

Have a happy period.  Really?

I would describe my period as anything but happy!  A cruel joke played on us women from mother nature striking at the worst possible moment conceivable.
Until now.

I have to admit, when I first learned about the MiaCup and menstrual cups, heck, mama cloth in general, I repulsed.  I could handle touching poopy diapers, bedsheets at 2 am with kids vomit, litterboxes, science projects in the fridge that blinked at me...  You get the idea.  Ask me to touch my own bodily fluids, EEW, No Way!  Eventually I broke and tried mama cloth.  Wonderful.  I still was not ready for a cup, or natural tampons. I broke, again.

When I was selected to review a MiaCup, I was ecstatic.  When I finally received it (shipping from South America takes just about 2 weeks) I was TERRIFIED!!!  Then I remembered the "learning curve".

I had read review after review that made it seem like I was in for a scene out of Carrie. I decided to go for a test drive, before I actually needed it. I can honestly say I have never, nor would I ever have considered "test driving" a tampon.

Safely locked behind two doors, I pulled out the MiaCup, washed it off and went to work.

Try one. Fail
I removed and rinsed the cup
Try two. Fail
I removed it and rinsed it again.
Read the directions.
Try three. Fail
Removed, rinsed.
FOLLOWED directions, success!!

Now, everybody says you cannot "feel" the cup.  During my test run, I was able to, while it was in place.  Granted, it was not discomfort, it was just a feeling of presence, barely.  I presume it is because I was not actually cycling, and I have a tilted uterus, making my cervix sit a little low.

I left it in place all day long.
That night I washed it and put it away.
I repeated the test drive a few more times before I actually needed the cup.  I felt ready for it.

(I found it was easier to insert the cup sitting on the toilet.  Squatting on the floor was a little difficult to me.)

Day one, I could not keep my mind off checking the cup, I checked it about 5 hours into the day.  It was working, no leaks.  I was happy.
Day two, My cycle went SUPER HEAVY.  I did have to empty the cup every couple hours, as it was full.  However, there was no leaking before it was full.  (it will seep over when full) This continued into day 2, and part of the day into day three.
Day three, I still had to empty every 3-4 hours, but the cup was still holding up, I was cleaner than I ever had been using tampons, and still no leaking.
Day 5-8 I was able to go the entire 12 hours without any seeping, leaking, or having to empty the cup.
I was unable to feel the cup during my actual cycle, until it got overfilled.  Then I could feel it a bit.  Again, nothing uncomfortable, just a presence.  Tampons, I can't stand.

A couple disclaimers, I drowned myself in coffee on day 2, to give the ultimate test to the cup, yeah hindsight is 20/20, but had I been wearing tampons, I think I would have gone through an entire box of them in those 2 days.
My cycle is typically heavy and I end up having to do at least 2-3 "leaked" loads of laundry.  This time, none. Since the washer was free, I was able to wash my curtains.
Now, about that hands on issue.  At no point did it even bother me, in fact, I was actually surprised at how much cleaner it was to use the cup.  I had the benefit of being right next to my bathroom sink in my *ahem* cozy bathroom so I was able to dump the contents in the toilet, and rinse the cup in the sink.  By the time I got the cup back in place, there was barely anything on my hands, even with the "one full rotation" to make sure it went properly into place.
I had one mishap with the cup.  It dropped into the toilet when I was about to reinsert as my 3 year old son came banging on the door to come in.  A quick wash with antibacterial hand soap and I was good to go again.

The MiaCup, saved me at least 1 time in my cycle.  I know all of us have done this, the quick run out, I'll be back before I need to change the diaper, change pads, change whatever.  This time, my van broke down leaving me stuck at a storage unit of all places, with a cranky baby.  IF i had been using tampons, it would have been an utter mess.  With the MiaCup, all I had to do was empty, rinse, and I was good.  If only everything in life was that simple :)

So, of all the cups out there why MiaCup?
1. Free Shipping.  I love the word FREE, even more, I love it when combined with the word shipping
2. 6 Month no questions asked return policy. They understand there is a learning curve.  Very few women are unable to wear a cup, some women take a cycle or two to grasp the learning curve.  MiaCup wants you to succeed and love your cup!
3. Each purchase MiaCup donates to Food and Trees for Africa, and provides an opportunity for clients to donate additional funds.
4. 100% hypoallergenic.  Made of medial grade silicone.

You can buy one HERE