Monday, June 6, 2011

An AppleCheeks a Day

I drooled over AppleCheeks for the longest time.

I stalked Happy Cottontails for the longest time.

When happy Cottontails offered AppleCheeks for review, I jumped!
I was sent an Applecheeks little bundle in Raspberry Sorbet size 2 with a sample of Rockin Green detergent.  As if being selected to review these fab diapers was not awesome enough, she threw in more goodies!   I love the service Happy Cottontails provides!!  

The whole time I heard about AppleCheeks, I thought what's the rage about with them?  Why are they so awesome?  I will tell you why!

 2 size diapering system.   An awesome way to get a great, longer lasting fit on both sides of the chart!  AppleCheeks sizes are Size One, 7-20 lbs, Size 2 18-40 lbs.  

Cute!   I am bored with the plain look of regular pockets.  AppleCheeks thought to spiffy them up a touch with serging.  (I love serging!) It provides a cute little ruffle to finish off the fluffyness of cloth! I can't wait to see all the prints they are coming out with!
Size 2 on my 16 lb daughter.
Outside of the weight range for the diaper, but still a good fit!

Versatile!  Let's face it, as moms, we are BUSY!  We need something that is flexible enough to meld with our lifestyles.  This is it!  I admit, I don't always get my diapers sorted and folded after each wash.  I have even gone so far as 4 loads piled up (washed and dried that is) before I even get a chance to sit down to sort, let alone stuff them!  AppleCheeks is an All in Two, meaning, when I have en extra 5 minutes to stuff a few diapers, it can be used as a pocket, with anything inserted into it, microfiber, prefolds, or, the super soft bamboo insert it came with.  When I am running late and diapering out of my laundry basket, dryer, or off the clothesline (I'm a busy mama!) I can lay the bamboo insert right on top of the shell and use it as a cover!  If you have a few extra bamboo inserts (sold separately here) or even prefolds, the same cover can be used all day long!

One bundle a day can keep your little one diapered.
Use the shell as a cover and just change the insert.
I have recently become a  lover (obsessed) with bamboo. This insert does not disappoint!  Silky soft, squishy double layered bamboo can be tri-folded to create 6 layers of absorbency for the diaper.  6 layers of bamboo equals about 5 daytime hours of diaper for my supersoaker daughter with no leaks!  I put this dipe on her after her morning wake up. When she had an epic fit, she was placed in her crib where she fell asleep for 3 more hours.  No leaks :)  

Same diaper on my almost 2 year old 29 lb girl.  Excellent fit within the size chart with room to grow!

Another thing I love about AppleCheeks is the HUGE opening for stuffing.  I can even give it to hubby to stuff and he has no problems!  There is enough room in here to put 2 of the bamboo inserts for overnight, or long trips and still have room for more! I was able to stuff (with room to spare in fit and pocket opening) the double layer bamboo insert, tri-folded,  and a WAHM bamboo hemp 6 layer prefold, tri-folded again, for 24 layers of organic natural fiber absorption.  Which, by the way, is my new night time solution for my super heavy wetting daughter.

What's that you say?  You want one of these for your own? Happy Cottontails has generously decided to give away an awesome AppleCheeks Little Bundle to one of my lovely readers!
Winner will be drawn June 15th and notified by email :)  you must claim within 24 hours!

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