Sunday, March 20, 2011

One Size Fuzzi Bunz Hemp Pocket

I love that I had the chance to review this diaper!  I am a huge hemp fan, and a Fuzzi fan, and now, the two are united, in fluffy love!!

I was sent a Hemp One Size Big Sky from their Funkadelic colors.  Generally, I love the over the top girly colors and prints, but this blue seems to fit that for me, while still being neutral enough to go on a boy.  Then again, I am quite a funky loving person, maybe that's why it works?!?

On to the review!

I received 1 shell, 1 medium hemp insert, an extra elastic kit, and sizing instructions.

Blue Sky with hemp insert on top
Grape with microfiber on bottom
My first thought was how slim the diaper was.  I love the Slim cut of the one size for use under smaller clothes, or skirts for my daughter, as many of the competing one size diapers on the market are bulkier and often have excess fabric that tends to hang out either the top of the pants, or below the hem of the skirt.   Amplify that trimness times hemp, and even the skinniest of jeans would fit!

I prepped the diaper 3 times before my initial test, as you should with hemp.  Fuzzi Bunz states
"Initially, insert needs to be washed 4-5 times separatelyto activate natural hemp absorption qualities."
The hemp jersey insert fluffed right up and was super soft! Even after line drying it since the initial prep, it does not dry "crunchy" like my other hemp inserts and doublers.

I first tried to get the diaper on my 4 month old,  whom I have had a horrible time finding one sizes to fit properly.  Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Fit diapers were the first pocket that would fit her, and surprisingly, this one fit her as well!  It took a few adjustments to get a good fit on her, where there weren't gaps, or looping flaps, but once I found it, it fit GREAT!  I used the size guide that came with the diaper to get a general idea, and tweaked it from there to fit.  The medium insert git great, with no folding needed.
Try number one
Fully adjusted :)
Nice and slim!

I  put her down for a nap in it.  Abby's morning naps can be marathon naps, and this instance, she decided to take one.  4 hours later, she woke up.  With her being a skinny stomach sleeper, we often get leaks when using pockets for sleep.  No leaks.  I was impressed!

One diaper load of laundry later, I readjusted the diaper to fit my 20 month old.  A few simple button and unbuttons later, it fit like a glove on her too!  She is a chunk, weighing in at 28 lbs and there was still room for her to grow in the diaper.  One sippy full of juice and her side sleeping 3 hour nap later, we were still dry!  Hooray!! (mommy loves dry sheets and clothes!)

Still room to grow!
Does this diaper make my bum look cute?
Next wearing, I subjected myself to the ultimate test.  I wore Madison in it.  I have had horrible instances of leaking when Madison has been wearing hemp without a super soaker in front of it, and me becoming the super soaker.  Fully expecting to be the victim again, we set out to test.  An Ergo ride, cart load, and a couple hours later my back was dry.  I figured she had not peed yet, so I checked, she had, and I was not the recipient!

Overall assessment? I. Want. More!

Do you want one too?  You can get one here in any of the Fuzzi Bunz colors!!!

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