Saturday, January 22, 2011

Back in Business!

As we of small children know, if it can go wrong, it will!

Right after I started this blog, my DD decided I was not to have a computer anymore and somehow destroyed my hard drive.  I, being the procrastinator that I am, did not have ANY backup or restore devices for it, so I had to wait for everything to be shipped.

During my "unplugged" week, I had some revelations.  I spent way to much time online.  I was observing my house-hold from over my computer lid, and did not even realize it.  On my "borrowed" computer time, I deleted accounts, unsubscribed from mailing lists, deleted Facebook games, and cleared about 950 strangers from my social networking account.  I feel cleansed!

That being said, I am slightly amused that over half my Facebook feed is now diaper related, and I love it!

Now, time for some reviews!

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